Start a Blog

So, you wanna start a blog? I mean, that’s why you clicked the link “Start a Blog” right? Well, you came to the right place! You can find all that information right here!

I’m going to tell you what everyone else tells you. Starting a blog is simple, but starting a blog and making money with it is hard and it takes a lot of work. But if you really work at it, you will do well.

There are millions of blogs out there, but don’t let that intimidate you. Think about it. If they can do it, why can’t you? Some blog for hobby and some for business. It’s like the memes you see while scrolling through Facebook, “There Are Two Types of People in the World”. There are those that have what it takes to make money blogging and those that don’t.

Blogging as a Profession

Ten years ago, when blogging first became popular, it was more of a personal diary. A place to air out your thoughts and feelings, and express yourself.  Although you can still do all of those things with a professional blog, blogging has turned into a way to show and teach others what you’re passionate about.

There are tons of sites out there about how to start a blog. Some show you how to follow the exact steps they did 5 or so years ago, some give you monthly income reports to draw you in, and then there are others like myself, who want you to climb on board in the very beginning.

Today is January 17, 2018. This is my 1st-month blogging with the intention of making it become a future career.

Why do I want to become a blogger?


  • I don’t want to sit at a desk all day working in a corporate world.
  • I want to have the ability to take my mom back to Germany.
  • I no longer want to live paycheck to paycheck.
  • I want children in my foreseeable future.
  • I don’t want to spend all my money paying someone else to watch my children.
  • I want to show you that just an average girl can make money from a blog.

Your reasons may be similar to mine, or they may differ completely. I’m sure the common factor here is that we both want freedom. Freedom to do the things we were too financially strapped to do before, and freedom to live & work on our own schedule. Amiright?

So Where do I start?

You are going to need the following things:

  1. A domain name
  2. A hosting platform, such as Bluehost
  3. Bluehost Plan
  4. A theme

We will focus on the other stuff you’ll need later on.

Domain Name

You may have already had a domain name picked out for the past 2 years, and then you could be like others who are making themselves crazy trying to figure out what to use. I chose my middle name, simply because it’s original and not hard to remember.

Keep in mind that you want something short and simple…Nothing with crazy letter combinations. You want your reader to be able to remember your web address so they can find you again later if they forgot to bookmark your page or subscribe to your mailing list.

When you have a name selected, search on google for the name. See if it is attached to any other blogs. Also, keep in mind that you want a name that is unique to social media. Search Facebook for your chosen name. If you use Instagram, you are going to want to use hashtags. Hashtags will help you and others link to your site and your content. Take my hashtag, for example, #Helgamarieblog was not used prior to this blog. Therefore, I can round up all of my content into one place using the hashtag and it isn’t difficult to find.

After you have done all of these things, check to see if your domain name is available. You can do so by entering it below.

Hosting Platform

In order to own your website and the content on it, you are going to need it to be self-hosted. I use Bluehost for this and recommend them to you as well for the following reasons:

  • It was the most budget-friendly option for what I needed.
  • I was able to click a link from a fellow blogger to receive a percentage off
  • I have needed assistance on things (I’m new, hellloooo) and they have been very helpful every. single. time.
  • They have a support staff dedicated to helping bloggers with WordPress.
  • They provide you with a domain name for free. (Other hosts charge extra to register a domain name.
  • I loved that they have a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you click the banner below, you will get: 1 free domain, hosting, free installation and 50% off (if you use my link)

 I know how to create a blog by using Bluehost, and seeing as I am just getting started, I have never experienced another platform, therefore I am only going into detail about Bluehost. I do not want to give someone tips I wouldn’t follow myself or have not experienced, and they have been great every step of the way. If you clicked the banner above, you will be directed to a page similar to this…

So let’s get started.


I chose the basic package for 12 months at $5.45/month. My hosting price ends up being $65.40. Woo! You can score a better deal & wind up with more savings if you grab a 24-60 month package, but I chose 12 months so that I didn’t have to pay as much upfront. (Hey..if the funds aren’t there, they aren’t there)

The next screen should look like this:

We have already discussed your domain name, so when you’re ready… go ahead and enter it in the box!


Time to create your account. Are you getting excited yet? Enter all your info in the blanks, like the ones below.

After hitting submit, you will receive an email confirmation.

Congrats, You’ve just purchased your very own website!!! Now, let’s choose a password. This is the password you will use to login to your BlueHost Dashboard and will also be used for verifying yourself when contacting support.

Be sure to write down your new URL, Admin URL, your username, and password. You can change your login information later.

WordPress Theme

I have read that a lot of bloggers say they spend too much time on this part. It reminds me of the days when Myspace was around and I searched tirelessly for an awesome background. This is similar, but you don’t have to spend too much time here. You can choose from tons of free themes, or simply purchase one.  I’m currently using Fashionista. It’s Free!!

Welcome to your dashboard!

This is pretty self-explanatory. Choose whether your blog will be for business or personal use.

You can now start writing posts, get your “About me” section, and sidebar ready. Then when you are ready to make your blog public click Launch in blue below.

Once you’ve clicked launch and you’ve given your site a name, your homepage will look like this:


You are now set up & ready to roll! You can access your WordPress blog anytime by clicking the “My Sites” button on the left side of your screen.

Like I said before, I would love to have you along to see where the next few months will lead. I will be posting all details, tips & tricks, and traffic reports. If you are interested, follow me using the Subscription box on your right!

Disclaimer: This post contains my Bluehost affiliate link, but all opinions are my own.

Eureka Springs & Garden Gnomes


A few weeks ago, my friend & I decided to go on a random trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They were having an antique festival, and I had never been so it seemed like the perfect opportunity! We woke up early & made the 2-hour drive up north. The morning started out SO gorgeous! The weather was 73 degrees, and by the time we were halfway there, the wind had rolled in. We fought mist and then a lovely drop in temperature that neither of us cared for. Let’s just say that AccuWeather lied. Our tiny probability of rain turned to 100% definite once we arrived and it was freaking COLD.

As we waited for the weather to clear a bit, we drove around town to see the sights since it appeared we wouldn’t be doing much walking. Oh, my gosh, guys… This place is ADORABLE. The houses alone are incredible. I was loving the cute colors mixed with the Victorian style. Eureka looks like a little fairy town!

Rainbows & Artwork

Shortly after, we found a parking spot. 3 hrs/$5. Not horrible. And the walking began… We ventured into several of the shops out on the main street, and were greeted by the friendliest people! There are so many quirky and fun shops that you probably won’t find anywhere else! Not to mention, this town is overflowing with artwork. From the hanging instrument display to the carved trees, everywhere you look is something unique.


The Cresent Hotel

We decided to take another drive to sight-see just as the sun started to peek through the clouds.  I had always wanted to see both The Cresent Hotel & Thorncrown Chapel. Let me tell ya, they did not disappoint!

Houses for Gnomes

As we got closer to town, the sun was out full force. We took several pictures of the amazing houses along the way. I swear if I could pluck one of these out of the ground & place it back home… I would in an instant!


Several of these are listed on Airbnb as rentals as well! Check that out here!

The Rowdy Beaver

Our bellies were growling considering we hadn’t really consumed anything more than a mocha, so we swung by The Rowdy Beaver, a seemingly popular restaurant around town. The server we had was pleasant & accommodating. She helped me choose between the Country Fried Steak or soup. I chose the Country Fried Steak because I needed something to stick to my ribs on such a chilly day and because they were out of the soup.

Doesn’t this look yum?? It was!!

The Art Colony

Before heading back home, we stopped by The Art Colony, a cluster of small shops together on the side of the road forming a magical village that anyone is welcome to. Unfortunately, there was only one open for the day– Atom Bleu. The man inside was super friendly and told us more about what he does for a living. If you are needing custom stained glass for your home or even a remake of your favorite picture in stained glass, he is your guy!

This was such a fun trip!  I encourage you to stop by Eureka if you are ever in the area.


Questions for you:

Have you ever heard of The Cresent Hotel? What about Thorncrown Chapel?

Do you have any quirky places near you? 

Did you notice we never made it to the antique festival?

18 things you should do in 2018

It is 2018 already!! Has that actually sunk in yet? I feel like it was only a year ago when we were all expecting the world to end in 2012. Fortunately, though, we are all still here so why not make the most of it?

I have concocted this list of 18 things you should do in 2018 to better yourself.

1. Pay off Debt

Debt is always at the forefront of my mind. My goal for 2018 is to become debt free, or as close to it as I can. I want to be able to live freely without the constant worry of bills. Have you heard of snowballing? The motive behind snowballing is to pay off the smallest debt first and continue to make the lowest payments on the higher debts regardless of the interest rate. As you start to pay the smaller debts, you will have more money to put towards the next debt and the next debt. As the process continues on, you now have “snowballed” your debts and will eventually use all the money to pay off that one large debt. *Phew*

2. Travel

You don’t have to go very far or spend very much, but get out there! See what your state has to offer.  Find a town nearby that you haven’t explored. Do you like antique or thrift shops? I bet the one in your town has different stuff than the one 45 minutes down the road.

Try to get away for the day or the weekend. Recently, I took a day trip 2ish hours northeast with a friend and it was just what I needed to take some stress off & ease my mind.

Maybe you have the finances, but don’t know where to go. Pull up Pinterest & check out the board I have on places to visit. I’ve taken incredible trips to NYC and England, and my list doesn’t stop there.

3. Add Money to your 401k

I’m gonna go ahead and assume that one day you would like to retire. I know a couple of 90-year-olds still rocking their day jobs, but I’d love to be crocheting in my rocker or baking cookies when I’m 90, not working.

Set yourself up for the future. Do you really want to be scraping by with the awesome $500 the government gives you in exchange for being a senior? No, you don’t.

My suggestion, take 5% of what you make now if you can afford it and put it into a 401k. You WILL thank yourself later.

4. Play Board Games

I mean, as great as the game Life is, it probably won’t really help you in your real life. Half the time I lose my children pegs on a curve in my little plastic car anyhow. Host a weekly/monthly game night. Play games to enhance your knowledge. If you’re looking for Trivia, my personal favorites are:

  1. The Logo Game
  2. Bezzerwizzer
  3. Wikipedia

Otherwise, I suggest other brain games such as:

  1. Scattergories
  2. Scrabble
  3. Sequence

Regular game nights will help you and your family & friends stay connected in a fun way as well.

5. Put Down Your Phone

I am guilty of this one as well. Nothing is worse than spending time with your friends or family and someone is too busy playing Face in Phone to be a part of the conversation. There are times I find myself doing the same thing even when I’m at home. I could be spending valuable time with my boyfriend, but instead, I’m scrolling. Guys, that stuff will still be there later.

Do yourself and others around you a favor, and put the phone down for a while. Communication is the key to strong relationships. No one wants to hang out with you looking like this all the time.

6. Spend Time Alone

Everyone needs alone time. This goes hand in hand with self-care. When not working on the blog, every once in a while I use my alone time to read my favorite books, plan in my bullet journal, or just take a nice bath.

Time alone allows you to think, plan your days, or can even give you excellent ideas you wouldn’t normally think of with your busy schedule. Plan an evening alone, get out your favorite bath bombs, and enjoy some relaxation!

7. Learn a New Skill

Have you always wanted to learn calligraphy? What about how to play the piano or crochet? There is an abundance of different classes you can take on practically anything. This year, I want to learn how to knit. I learned how to crochet years ago by watching YouTube videos on simple stitches and patterns. There is so much you can learn on YouTube and around the internet, so teach yourself something new!

8. Organize your Surroundings

Clean out that closet you have to dig around to find things in. Sort through your clothes, and sell/donate items that you no longer need. Do you have a table with paperwork & mail stacking up? Buy a cheap expanding file folder and sort your papers with numerous tabs. Label them into categories such as “Tax Documents” “Vet Bills” “Mortgage Papers” and even “Receipts”. This allows you to not only have an organized home/office but also allows you to know exactly where everything is when you need it.

9. Just Say No

I cannot count the number of times I have done something I truly didn’t want to or didn’t have time to do just because I couldn’t say no. Why do we do that to ourselves? Maybe because we don’t want to offend anyone, or because we are too nice? That’s been an issue I’ve had my entire life. I hate saying no to people. But ya’ll, eventually you have to say no.

Sometimes pizza night just isn’t in your budget. Sometimes picking up that extra shift when you are exhausted just so your co-worker can have yet another free night of partying, isn’t necessary. I’m not saying you have to be rude about it, by any means, but you can politely say no with or without explaining yourself.

10. Watch a Band Play

Let loose. This is not me saying to snort some coke & dance like no one is watching. There are people watching, and coke is dangerous. I suggest either watching your favorite band in concert or maybe be super adventurous & sit at the coffee house down the street and listen to the soulful guitar player sing her heart out. Who knows, you may find a new artist you are passionate about.

11. Do Something Nice for a Stranger

Sometimes, the smallest gesture can make the biggest impact. Pay for the cup of coffee for the old man in the car behind you. Let the car trying to switch lanes get in front of you. Unless it’s during construction and they deliberately drove to the front of the line. DO NOT let that person in. Seriously, if this is you.. shame on you. You deserve the back.

Donate blood. Hold the door open a few seconds longer for the couple who are 5 steps behind you, or throw your extra change into the coffee can for the family in need by the register of your local grocery store. Not only do these people benefit, but you also feel good about your deed.

12. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Do you want to join the oldies at the local bingo hall, but don’t want to be the youngest one there? Did you see the flyers for the new fitness class going in your town? Invite a friend! Stepping out of your comfort zone helps take on your fears. Are you afraid of heights? Go Rock-climbing! Maybe you don’t like public speaking… Teach a class how to do something you are good at.  They say success comes from stepping out of your comfort zone. I’m not sure who they are, but I’m gonna vouch for them on this one.


13. Start a 30-Day Challenge

Challenge yourself to do something for 30 days. It can be something completely new, or something that you’ve wanted to do forever and haven’t. 30 days gives you enough time to strategize, plan, work at it, and achieve that goal!

I am on the 5th day of my challenge to drink at least 3 bottles of water a day. I’m aiming for 30 days, with a long-term goal of basically forever.

14. Worry Less

Wanna know what ages you? Worrying. I can assure you that worrying about something is not going to make it better, nor is it going to stop it from happening. Learn to breathe, and examine the situation. Look forward a week, a month, a year… How is this situation going to affect your future? Will it? If you still feel dread, try to detach yourself from the situation. Read a book. Focus on better things. Visit friends. Postpone your worry until “later”, but don’t allow later to come.

15. Let Go of the Past

Do you still hate the girl at the bank for stealing your boyfriend in high school? Or are you still mad at the couple down the road that hit your mailbox and didn’t stop to tell you, or offer to fix it? There are at least 3 people that come to mind in my life that need to let go of the past. Think about it… why are you still mad? Can anything even be done now to fix it? I’m gonna tell ya like Elsa. Let it go.

16. Start a Journal

I have always been forgetful. Not really of current things, but more of my past. I barely remember my childhood. Maybe it was lame. I’m just kidding, it wasn’t that bad. I wish I had kept journals though. Basically for documentation. I’d love to go back and read some of the things I did in my high school years, or even back further when I was in middle school crushing on Adam the new kid.

The journal I have now doubles as a planner. I use it to not only document what I do each day, but it helps me stay committed to different habits and pushes me to be healthier.

17. Quit a Bad Habit

Are there any bad habits you could stand to lose? Cursing? Oversleeping? Not exercising? Being late? Slouching? Nail biting? Smoking? All of these are habits that can be squashed if you work at it.

I do believe all of these habits pertain to me. Minus the last two. I may say a bad word or 10 during a normal day. I love to sleep, and nothing is better than hiding under the sheets just 5 more minutes. Not exercising is actually my middle name. I love to walk, and that’s as far as it goes. And being late kind of derives from my inability to get out of bed, that and my hair… but that’s a conversation for another time.

18. Be Thankful

I truly have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for you reading this. I’m thankful for my family and my friends. My job. Making it to work safely on a regular basis. I’m thankful for my parent’s health. Take a moment out of your day to appreciate what you have, and the life you’ve been given.


Tell me what you think! I’d love to hear from you!



Why I Chose Not to Choose a Niche

You hear it all the time when you are first starting out. “Choose a niche” is what most of the successful bloggers I’ve come across have told me to do. But why? Why would I want to focus on ONE thing in my life, when I can talk about everything?

I do agree that blogging is no longer a virtual diary unless you are wanting to keep blogging as a hobby. Back when blogging first started, many used it as a place to write down what they’d done that day, where they went for lunch, and what their boyfriend did. I’m not going to say you won’t ever be seeing what I had for lunch, but it will only be because it was spectacular, and I don’t think you could live without it.

I want my blog to be about me. What makes me unique? What do I love that I can show you to improve your life? What did I experience last weekend that I think you should try?

Most importantly, how can you and I relate?

Lifestyle bloggers that don’t fit into a specific niche are said to not do as well. I know many bloggers that focus on a wide variety of topics and do an incredible job. Granted, if you are an expert on a particular subject, that is awesome! For most of us though, we know a lot about a lot of things.. so why limit yourself?

Connecting With Your Audience

There are so many things that you can connect with your audience about that aren’t attached to any ONE niche.

Do you love Great Danes or Dobermans? I have one of each! I can tell you about my struggles training Maverick and the patience it takes to have an adopted dog. Do you struggle with your goal weight and could stand to lose a few pounds? That’s me! Do you have any crafty hobbies, such as knitting or crochet?  I love crocheting in the winter time, or even when I have a friend that is expecting. Blankets & beanies make fabulous baby shower gifts!! Do you read books by Amy Daws or Meghan Quinn? They’re my favorite. Do you own a bullet journal? I absolutely love mine and the accountability it provides.


I’d say the best part of being a lifestyle blogger is getting to interact with so many people who can relate to you and can consider you a friend. Almost like reading books or watching your favorite show. You begin to know the blogger and begin to feel like you can be friends with that blogger. I don’t know about anything I have in common with the “how to start a blog” bloggers other than we both know how to start a blog. What happens once you learn how? You probably have no need to visit that site again right?

There are several different bloggers that I have been following for a while now, such as Taralynn from I’ve been following her since 2011, and even when I go weeks without visiting her site, I often wonder what she is up to because I consider her a “friend” even though she has no earthly idea who I am. (Creeper Status) This goes for all my favorite bloggers. Life happens. Time goes by & I often forget to read their blog. But… I ALWAYS COME BACK.


If you’re a fellow blogger, did you choose a niche? 

Do you prefer a blogger staying on one topic, or discussing all things?

I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


Side Hustle | How to Make Extra Money $$

Hello friends!

It seems like everyone can use a little extra cash, especially this time of year! Are you looking for quick ways to hit your savings goals? Here is my quick list of ways to add some weight to your piggy bank.

  • Sell your stuff. Do you have clothes hanging in your closet that you haven’t worn in a while? Sell them! If you have a Plato’s Closet in your town, they may buy your unwanted items. Whatever is left, you could sell on one of the many Facebook Sale Groups! What about the mirror that has been leaned up against the wall in that spare bedroom? You don’t need it. So why not sell it for an extra $20?
  • Sell your creations. Are you crafty? Do you like to crochet, paint, or build? There are so many people out there that are building Etsy shops for their crafts. I’ve also sold many items on Facebook as well. If you can take custom orders for the things you love to make, you can get some quick cash!
  • Be a Chauffeur. Maybe not the fancy, suit wearing, door opening kind.. but there are several companies that will pay you to drive people from Point A to Point B. Have you ever used Lyft or Uber? One of our friends made $300 during an event weekend in his town. Here’s my referral code for both: H-Mblog
  • Donate Plasma. This is one that I haven’t personally done. I do, however, have friends that will donate plasma to get anywhere from $20-80. If you decide to go this route, I suggest bringing a warm blanket, maybe a book, and a friend. The procedure can take upwards of an hour sometimes.
  • Take Pictures. If you have a nice DSLR camera, you can take pictures of families or pets for a small fee. I did this several summers ago. I had a lemonade stand out in an open field on the outskirts of town. I made around $200, just from offering a quick 15 minute sessions with a promise of 5 edited photos for $25. Some families don’t have the extra $75-150 that local photogs charge for sessions. This is where you help them help you.
  • Rent Your Spare Bedroom. I have yet to rent out a room in my house, mostly because I do not live in a very touristy region. However, if you live in an area that attracts tourists, you can rent your space with Airbnb! I have used Airbnb to stay in several locations- including NYC & Kansas City! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend! I will write a post on our Airbnb experiences soon.. Here‘s $40 Travel Credit on me! 


Have you used any of these suggestions?

Do you have any additional tips?

I’d love to hear from you.

Make the Most Out of Your Morning with a Bullet Journal


I have always been a habitual “snoozer”..  My first alarm goes off at 6:00 every morning. I have an alarm set for every 15 minutes after, not counting when I hit snooze. When the good ole snooze button is involved, the alarm goes off every 5 minutes until I either hit disable or finally decide to get out of bed.

My routine has never been the same. Sometimes, I only give myself 20 minutes to get ready and take care of all the things that need to be done before I leave the house. Often times, this results in me being late for work & driving like a psychopath to clock in by 8. Or even better, leaving my lunch in the fridge. *Bummer*


Then there are the days I actually wake up at 6:00 with no problems.. very rare, but it happens.  For that reason, I have developed this list of spread ideas to put in your bullet journal for the snoozers like me, and those of you who would like to make the most of your mornings.

[Click the photos below to be directed to the source.]

1. Wake Up Early

I mean.. easier said than done, right? This is where our problems derive from. There is nothing better than laying under those warm covers in the winter time. New goal: as soon as that first alarm goes off, put your feet on the floor.  Hit the cancel button once you are standing up, and grab your bujo & mark that off your list, or add your hours slept to your sleeping log!

Source: Rosana @thestudiesphase


Source: Cyrielle @bujo_cyrielle


2. Drink Water

Drinking water is something I definitely don’t do enough of. I just don’t think about it. By incorporating it into my early morning routine,  it makes it easier to remember. There is an abundance of spreads for people looking to increase their water intake. Take a look at these!

Source: Alex @alexanndoodles


Source: Elena @cimmi_bujo

3. Do Laundry

If I wake up early enough, I like to start a load of laundry. I normally just toss it all in first thing, and then proceed with the rest of my morning. Then, before leaving, toss it in the dryer! When you get home, hang it up! Most of you are probably thinking about wrinkles. I have a small steamer that I had bought months ago. It was worth every penny! It takes about 30 seconds to heat up, and my shirt is wrinkle-free in 2 minutes tops. At the end of the day, your laundry tracker will either have a check, color, symbol, or whatever your heart desires to mark off that duty!

Source: Preeti @samanilai

4. Do Dishes/Load Dishwasher

I absolutely hate coming home to dishes in my sink. Most mornings, I give myself enough time to empty my sink and put the dishes from the previous night into the dishwasher. Now, if we were really doing it right, we’d put the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner. Some days this happens, but most of the time it doesn’t. Incorporate this into your journal, either on its own spread or in your chore chart!


Source: Laura @bujo.auslife

5. Eat Breakfast

Whether it be a quick bowl of cereal or a delicious omelet, get some food in your belly. This will keep you from feeling as if you need to hit up the McD’s drive-thru on your way to work. Not to mention, your brain will be thanking you. You can do this while planning dinner in your journal, of course!

6. Plan Dinner

If you plan your dinner for the day, you can do a little prepping before you even get home. For instance, I often take my frozen meats out of the freezer in the mornings, so that by the evening, they are thawed out. Also, if I plan my meal before work, I am able to get the few items I may need during my lunch hour. I love knowing what I am having for dinner before I get off work because I LOVE food, and it gives me something to look forward to. Check out the menu spread below.

Source: Emma @that_journal


Source: @jammybujo

7. Make Your Bed

This is another problem of mine. Unfortunately, when growing up, I never really had to make my bed. I wish I had so that I could have developed the routine over the last 20 years. On the days that I do, I love that my bed is crawl-in ready. It makes my night routine go much smoother as well. You can make a fabulous spread marking what mornings you make your bed so that you stay motivated, or simply add to your habit tracker. I love seeing those colors run across my page!!

Source: Allana @paperparcels


8. Read

Reading helps your brain wake up, expands your vocabulary, and takes you out of your world for a bit. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, aside from filling my journal, and definitely acts as a stress reliever. Keep track of the books you’ve read and the books you still have waiting for you!

Source: Simona @simon4e7o

9. Watch the Local News

I do this simply so I’m informed of the goings-on in the community. That, and to know what the weather will be for the day. There’s nothing worse than dressing for 75 degrees, only to find out the highs are in the 40’s. In Arkansas, this is a common issue. I keep my daily weather highs in my Temperature Tracker!

Source: Laura @planningmyday

10. Stretch/Work Out

I sleep like a crazy person. I often wake up to my back feeling like it needs to be driven over. Stretching reduces soreness and stiffness, increases blood flow, and improves your flexibility. Working out makes me feel more energized during the day as well. Look at how great these exercise spreads are! I think each of these would benefit me.

Source: Tess @Sparkjoyjournal


Source: Laura @Planningmyday


Are you an early riser or a snoozer?

Does your morning start with any of the items on this list?

Do you fill your bullet journal with these ideas?

Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.